Classroom Rules and Procedures

1. Respect yourself. Never give up on yourself. Take yourself and your work seriously. Be aware of your needs and ask for help when you need it. Do your own work. Keep an open mind.

2. Respect others.  Keep our classroom free of discrimination, violence, and bullying. If you disagree, attack the idea, not the person. Listen. One speaker at a time! Always ask permission before using someone else’s phone, computer, book, pen, notes, etc. 

3. Respect your education. Keep your head off your desk and your eyes open. Be ready to answer questions. Track speakers with your eyes. Turn off and put away all electronic devices before you enter the classroom. Try.

4. Respect the time. Be on time and ready to work/participate when the bell rings. At the end of the period, please remain in your seat until you are dismissed. Turn assignments in on time. Refrain from discussing procedures, grades, and other administrative matters during class.

5. Respect the environment. Put things away where they belong. Clean up after yourself. Eating, chewing gum, drinking (except water), and grooming (combing hair, putting on makeup, etc.) should be done outside the classroom. Please ask before writing on whiteboards.