Note from Ms. B

24 March 2014

Dear Students,

While I am in the intensive care unit with my daughter, who suddenly and unexpectedly developed a life-threatening complication related to the flu, I am taking the time every evening to carefully design a lesson plan for each class. 

These are the same lesson plans I would be doing if I were physically present on the classroom. I will be checking your progress from my laptop during and after class. These are NOT vacation days. And even if you don't personally care about the learning, I am asking you to care enough to do your work as a personal favor to me, because I do care. Knowing that things are working smoothly in my classroom makes it possible for me to concentrate on helping my daughter get better.  

Please remember that the rules are the same as if I were in the room. No personal electronics - at all - no exceptions. No food or drink, except water. And if the chromebooks are out, not even water. Help keep the classroom clean and in order. Help out fellow classmates who need help. Help Ms. Price if she needs it. Help enforce the rules; if someone is being an a**hole, gently remind him or her to get in line. Do it for me. OK? Now, be the wonderful, entertaining, lively, and PRODUCTIVE people you are, even though I'm not physically there! 


Ms. B