English 11 Warm-Ups (Fall 2014)

Remember: Great warm-up answers often contain the words "because" and "for example".

  1. (8/21/14) Think of a story that has both a hero and a villain - a "good guy" and a "bad guy" - and explain what makes each of those characters heroic or villainous. Use at least 3 adjectives! Bonus question: Which character is more interesting, and why?
  2. (8/25/14) Think of a trickster you know from literature or popular culture, and explain why he or she is a trickster, using at least 3 of the 7 characteristics we discussed yesterday. Be specific! (5 sentences) Terms to use in your answer: ambiguous, androgynous, deceiver, trick-player, shape-shifter, situation-inverter, taboo-breaker, bricoleur, etc.
  3. (9/2/14) Describe a dream you have had more than once or that was very memorable. Use as much detail as possible. Bonus: Explain why you think the dream is especially memorable or repeated.
  4. (9/18/14) Throughout history, certain groups or individuals have been oppressed (controlled, treated badly, punished, discriminated against, victimized) due to fear. Describe one such group or individual, and describe why you think he/she/they might be feared, either by society, government, or other individuals.
  5. Click here for Warm-Up #5.