English 11 CP Classwork

Wednesday, March 26

First of all, what's up, 6th period? Only 5 of you did the video games rhetorical précis. 2nd period, on the other hand, was relatively productive; most of the class finished the précis. You might have already noticed that if  you didn't do it you got a zero in Powerschool, which likely dropped your grade significantly. In any case, I see that many of you are behind schedule, so don't waste time today. If you do, you're only digging a deeper hole for yourself to climb out of.
  1. Using the Pro-Con Worksheet (in your Argumentative Essay packet), you will finish gathering evidence for and against your position and taking notes on a controversial topic. Links to sources of information are on this page.
  2. Complete the Argumentative Essay Frame in your packet. This will be your outline. Have Ms. Price stamp it when you are finished.  
Whatever you don't finish in class is homework. And if you STILL haven't done the video games rhetorical précis, do it now -- it's dropping by 10% for every day it's late.  Writing assignments are formal assessments and should always be turned in on time.

I'll be back tomorrow, the day your argumentative essay rough draft is due. 


Tuesday, March 25

Here is today's lesson plan:
  1. Read this letter.
  2. Take out the video games packet. If you have not completed it, do it NOW. (No stamps today.) If you finished it in class yesterday, or for homework, you are ready to type.  Go to your Drive and create a new document. Call it "Video Games Rhetorical Précis." Share it with me at lbigelow@natomasunified.org. Type the rhetorical précis in MLA format. This should take no more than half the period. NOTE: I will be checking on your progress in Google Drive during your class period. So don't be surprised if you see comments appearing in the margins while you type. When you are finished typing, put away the packet. I will collect it when I return.
  3. Go to this page. Scroll through the list of 7 topics (under "Sources You Might Want to Cite..."). Open the links and see which topic piques your interest the most. 
  4. After you have chosen one topic, take out the Argumentative Essay packet. Turn to the Pro-Con Worksheet. Write down your position (opinion) on the topic you chose. For example, if you chose teen curfews, you position might be, "Teen curfews are necessary" or "Teen curfews are unnecessary."
  5. Complete the Pro-Con worksheet by finding evidence in the articles for and against your position. Another place to look for arguments (for and against) is this website. Ms. Price will stamp if you find at least 3 pieces of evidence for and against (6 total).

Monday, March 24

Hi everyone,

I'll be gone for 3 days. My daughter is in the hospital, but she should be released on Wednesday, and I expect to be back in the classroom on Thursday. While I am gone, you'll have very specific tasks to complete every day, so no slacking! 

First, the good news: because of my absence, the deadline for the rough draft is NOT Tuesday. I have postponed it to Thursday (3/27).

Today you'll be working on a SOAPSTone and rhetorical précis for the video games opinion piece you read on Friday.  You may work in small groups (4 or less), so long as you are reasonably quiet and productive.
  1. To begin, open this document. It's a copy of the article; I marked it up for you and labeled many of the parts. Please use it as a guide as you mark up your own copy on the handout. Use highlighters, pencil, or pen, and write in the margins. Write any questions or opinions you might have in the left-hand margin. If you disagree with any of my comments, write that down, too.
  2. Complete the SOAPSTone worksheet in the packet.  This should be easier once you have marked up your own copy and identified all the important parts of the text.
  3. Complete the rhetorical précis template (outline). Tomorrow, you will type it in MLA format and share it with me.
  4. Ms. Price will stamp your packet when you are finished. (It will ONLY be stamped today.) Don't turn it in! You will need it tomorrow.