English E11/E12 Classwork

Wednesday, March 26

Today you will continue framing and writing your essay. I noticed yesterday that only a few of you have begun typing, and that worries me. Today I will stay logged in during 1st period and will be checking to see that EVERYONE is working on the argumentative essay.  To further encourage you, I've put an assignment into Powerschool called "essay drafting". If I see you typing today, you'll earn points; if not, zero. 

I'll be back tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 25

Here is today's lesson plan:
  1. Read this letter.
  2. If you haven't finished your argumentative essay frame, please finish it.
  3. Type your essay!
  4. If you are having trouble thinking of opposing views and counterarguments, here are some ideas:

Examples of Arguments about Race 

Your Claim

Three Reasons

Opposing View


Colleges should not ask applicants about their race.

1.     They might use that information to discriminate against certain groups.

2.     Colleges should only consider an applicant’s qualifications, not their race.

3.     The question is too personal.

Colleges might argue that they need information about their applicants’ racial backgrounds because they want more racial diversity on their campuses.

If diversity is so important to colleges, why don’t they do a better job of reaching out to different communities and encouraging more people to apply?

It is important to preserve our racial identity.

1.     We all should understand our heritage so we don’t forget valuable lessons of the past.

2.     Racial identity connects young people to their ancestors and preserves cultures.

3.     A strong racial identity means greater political and social power.  

Many people would argue that race is no longer relevant, and that most young people never even consider it.

Race is still relevant in today’s society; there is a lot of racial discrimination, which means people still do think about race.

Monday, March 24

Hi everyone,

I'll be gone for 3 days. My daughter is in the hospital, but she should be released on Wednesday, and I expect to be back in the classroom on Thursday. While I am gone, you'll have very specific tasks to complete every day, so no slacking! 

Today, you will begin outlining your argumentative essay. 
  1. First, take out all the materials you will need: the essay packet, the evidence organizer (it has two columns, one that begins "Race Matters" and one that begins "Race Does Not Matter"), and the two articles ("For Many Latinos..." & "Black, White, Asian").
  2. Decide whether you want to do outline A or outline B.
  3. Complete the Argumentative Essay Frame in your packet. 
  4. When you have finished with the frame, have Ms. Price stamp it. 
  5. Begin typing your essay. I'll be logging in during 1st period to check on your progress and leave comments.