Argumentative Essay

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Sources you might want to cite in your essay:

  1. On taxing the wealthy: "Taxing the Rich is Good for the Economy""Diving Into the Rich Pool""Combatting Inequality May Require Broader Tax"
  2. On controlling students' use of the internet: "The Internet Safety Debate""Should School Libraries Restrict Access to the Internet?""Stop Blocking Internet Access, Schools Told"
  3. On college: "Why Everyone Shouldn't Go To College""Room For Debate: Should College Be For Everyone?""Should Everyone Go To College?"
  4. On marriage equality: "Should Gay Marriage Be Legal Nationwide?""Economist Debates: Single-Sex Marriage""Obama Says Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legal"
  5. On school shootings: "Arming Educators Won't Keep Schools Safe""California Teens Demand A Real Plan""NRA Proposal Heats Up Debate..."
  6. On school lunches: There's Homework to Do on School LunchesHungry Vs. Healthy: The School Lunch ControversyNational School Lunch Program
  7. On teen curfews: Got Teens? Get to Know City's Curfew LawOakland Teen Curfew? It's TimeBangor Curfew Will Alienate Its Teenagers