Guest Teacher Lesson Plans: Tuesday, March 26

English 9 CP (period 1)
  • Unlock the Chromebook cart and unplug all the Chromebooks. (The key is hanging on a hook in the corner of the whiteboard behind my desk.)
  • Students should collect their Chromebooks and the handout ("Healing Brick City"), go to Google Classroom, and do the warm-up.
  • Ask if anyone would like to share their answer and/or discuss.
  • Have student take turns reading "Healing Brick City" aloud. (Ignore the last page.)
  • When finished reading, students should do the assignment online (#460).
  • Students will turn everything in online. You don’t need to collect anything.
AP English Literature (periods 2 & 3)
  • No Chromebooks.
  • Students should collect the "AP Literature Open-Ended Prompts (1970-2017)" handout that is on the shelf by the door. (It is three pages stapled together.) 
  • Students should take out their intro paragraphs and do the timed write. Students who were absent yesterday and do not have an intro paragraph will have to start from scratch.
  • The timed write is a silent activity. Closed book.
  • Have them turn in at the end of the period.
Expository Reading & Writing (Senior English) (periods 5 & 6)
  • After 6th period, please plug all the Chromebooks in and plug the cart into the wall (both plugs). Lock the cart by pushing in both silver locks. 

      General Notes

      • Students who need to use the restroom MUST use their own 4th quarter pink hall pass. They fill it out and you sign. If they don’t have their pass, they stay. 
      • Students are expected to clean up the classroom before they leave. If they don’t, please stand by the door and announce that no one may leave until the room is picked up.
      • I usually do not use the overhead lights; instead, I use the floor lamps and the recessed lights over the whiteboard at the back of the room. You may do the same if you like; it tends to have a calming effect! 
      • Call or text me at (530) 410-2952 if you have any questions or problems.
      Thanks for taking my classes!

      Lyn Bigelow 

      P.S. Please let me know how the day went, and if any of the classes deserve extra credit for good behavior. Thanks!